Voltage Controlled Current Source with Active Common Mode Rejection

The AMS220 is preferentially designed for low-noise / low-level resistance measurements using lock-in amplifiers, but it can be used also in combination with DAQ devices in many types of DC or AC electrical measurements, where well defined current excitation of D.U.T. is required.

  • ensures active rejection of common mode voltage in resistance measurements,
  • allows routine measurements of very low resistances (less than 1 mΩ) even in the most demanding conditions (e.g., temperatures below 500 mK),
  • can operate as an external module of a lock-in amplifier to extend its functionality to that of an ac-resistance (impedance) bridge.
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Preamplifier (Gain=1000)

The AMS560 Preamplifier (Gain=1000) is designed for use with the AMS220 to perform very-low resistance measurements...

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Preamplifier (Gain=100)

The AMS540 Preamplifier (Gain=100, FET-input) is designed for use with the AMS220, and is dedicated to measurements...

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